Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The most Effective Way to Overcome the Heel Rough and Cracked

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The heel of the foot is part of the body that often cause problems for their owners. Layer in the skin knees, elbows and heels thicker than the other parts. Heels suffered cracked often happens, in fact, it is harmful to health.

Because the legs are supporting the body, so the health of the feet remains to be seen. In addition cracked feet feet made an appearance for the worse. So when I want to use sandals or open shoes bottom that will create confidence declined.

Overcoming heel rough and cracked so that using herbal ingredients. It is now widely sold products for a broken leg. However, the use of the products are usually made from sticky and difficult to be absorbed by the skin so that when in use will stick everywhere. Use of the product also takes weeks for maximum results.

Here's the most effective way to overcome the heel rough and cracked:

1. Brine and pumice
Salt water does have many benefits for skin health. But if in handicraft with the pumice stone will be maximal efficacy for skin problems heels. Using salt water and pumice to wash the feet with salt water bath and rub a pumice stone on the skin rough heels. Do it every day then the heel of the foot rough and chapped will disappear quickly.

2. The sap of papaya
Papaya fruit has good benefits for skin care, but it is not just the fruit. Young papaya latex is also believed to remove the skin cracked heels and rough.

Using papaya latex sap how to apply a papaya fruit that is still young. Better if directly pluck from the tree so that the sap is still fresh. Apply on the heel that has been in the wash with warm water before. Let it dry and then rinse thoroughly.

3. Olive oil
The most effective way to overcome the heel rough and chapped next is by using olive oil. It is no doubt about the benefits of olive oil. Using olive oil or baby oil may also resolve the problem of skin heel of the foot, while massage gently dab of olive oil on the heels of the troubled before bed at night. Leave overnight and wash the next morning.

4. Milk and Honey
How to solve the problem using the heel of milk and honey is to gently massage the heel problematic use of honey for 5 minutes. Then soak the feet in a basin edged cow's milk for 30 minutes. Perform two days to obtain optimal results.

5. Coffee grounds
The coffee drinks are not only good for health but also for beauty. Excellent coffee grounds to remove dead skin cells. So do not be surprised if the coffee is often used as a beauty product.

Prepare the coffee grounds are not given the sugar and mix using a little water until it becomes a paste. How to use coffee grounds is doing a circular message using coffee grounds to remove dead skin cells.

That's the most effective way to overcome the heel rough and cracked easily. Do these tips on a regular basis until you get back heel smooth as a baby. If your skin is already cracked and often feels sore, you should use olive oil or honey to the skin of nutrients and cracked skin will return smoothly.


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